Welcome to One Sheet Kits!

A One Sheet Kit is a Foamie model plane kit whose parts are cut from a single sheet of styrofoam.  The kits are all laser cut which enables fitting interlocking parts on the foam sheet with essentially zero kerf.  All but a few One Sheet Kits actually fit to a single sheet but all the tedious cutting is done with perfect lines and curves. The kits are cut about 80% through the foam sheet, so they stay together I do separate some parts to fit shipping boxes, of course. All my designs and associated build logs have been posted on RC Groups  In the product section you will find kits for sale as well as links to the original plans in PDF format   You can download the plans and cut out the parts yourself for free, or purchase the kit with parts pre-cut and ready to assemble. Many of my planes are available in two sizes:  Readiboard size - 20"x30" or Model Plane Foam size - 24"x48"

Browse through the product pages and check out the planes!  They vary from easy builds to complex, and easy flyers to higher performance planes