About Us

One Sheet Kits, the website was set up to provide pre-cut foam parts for a group of foamie Radio Control model planes designed by your humble host.  The "shtick" is that the original designs all fit on a single sheet of foam.  On the site I hope to provide these in both smaller (Readiboard) sizes and larger (Model Plane Foam) sizes, along with a few in half Readiboard sheet sizes (half sheeters). In the product section, you will find the planes listed with basic specifications, recommended power systems and a paypal button to purchase the pre cut kits. Each plane also has a link to the build log thread on RCGroups.com.  In that thread, is the original design in pdf format for downloading if you would like to cut out your own plane, along with the actual build log pictures and text showing how the plane goes together, a flight video, and generally several pages of comments and other planes built by other scratchbuilders from the plans. Many of the planes are simple enough to cut out the templates, trace and cut the parts. (the One Sheet Glider was originally just dimensioned as all cuts are straight and mostly at full inch intervals); however later designs have gotten complicated enough that even I don't like cutting out the prototypes, and have them laser cut!