OneSheet Aeronca Chief

Based on the Aeronca Chief this plane is an ultra light flyer for both indoor and outdoor use, similar to the popular UMX Champ planes. The Chief was a side by side seating plane, so has a wider fuselage than the Champ. Kits are available in half sheet and full sheet sizes.

OSA-hs Specifications: Wingspan - 24.5"  Overall length - 14.8"  Weight less battery - 2.6oz Recommended gear:  5 to 10 gram motor, 5x3 prop, 2 - 2.5 gm servos, 180mah 2s lipo Additional Materials: 1/8" dowel for LE spar, light ply motor mount, .032 music wire for control wires, .047wire for landing gear, control surface horns.

OSA-rb Specifications: Wingspan - 34"  Overall length - 20"  Weight less battery - 6.1oz Recommended gear:  24gm 1700Kv motor, 7x6prop, two 5gm servos, 850-950mah 2s lipo Additional materials: 3/16 dowel LE Spar, .032 music wire control rods, .062 landing gear. A packet of wood parts are included in the OSA-rb kit that include motor mount, wing mounts and gear reinforcement.

Build Log

The build log contains the pdf files for cut sheets, pictures of the prototype build, hints and tips on building and flying, and posts by others who have built the plane. feel free to ask questions! 

video of the half sheet Aeronca at USA indoor Soccer arena

 Half sheet - OSA-hs $10 plus shipping 


Full sheet - OSA-rb $15 plus shipping

OSA - Aeronca Chief

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