One Sheet Bipe

Based on the Biplane trainers used between the wars and early in WWll, this plane is a nice gentle flyer in Rudder/Elevator/Throttle mode, and more acrobatic when ailerons are added.  Kit can be built either way.

Specifications: Wingspan:  28.5"        OAL:  25"        AUW:  7.3oz

Recommended gear: 1700kv 24gm motor, 7x6 prop, 5gram or 9 gram servos, 2s 900mah battery

Additional materials: 3/16” dowels for LE spar, lite ply (motor mount), credit card stock(control horns ), .032” music wire (control rods), 1/16” wire (landing gear), Popsicle sticks (cabanes & wing mount reinforcement).

Build log:  The build log contains the pdf files, pictures of the prototype build, hints and tips and postings of others who have built the plane.  Feel free to ask questions on the thread!

Full Readiboard sheet - OSB: $15 plus shipping 

Video of OSB (Swept wing RET version) at USA indoor soccer arena

Video of OSB (straight wing with ailerons) flying outdoors

OSB - Biplane

OSB product information