OSC140 - Cessna 140

One sheet Cessna 140

One of the classic small post WW2 private planes was the Cessna 120/140 series.  This kit replicates the original's flat top, round bottom fuselage.  It is an intermediate complexity build, as each fuse section is rolled to create the rounded surfaces. The prototype was built with a scale looking nearly flat wing and ailerons using a single central servo.

Specifications: wingspan - 33.5"  length - 23" weight less battery - 9.8oz (prototype with wbpu and coffee filter covering)

Recommended gear: 24gm 1700Kv motor, 7x6 prop, three 5gm servos, 850-950mah 2s lipo

Additional materials: 3/16" dowel LE spar; light ply motor mount, gear mount reinf, & wing mounts; .032 music wire control wires; .078 landing gear wire; skewer wing struts.

Build thread on RCGroups: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2259849

The build thread contains templates, parts lists and identifications, pictures showing the build up of the prototype, and info from others who may have built the plane.