One Sheet EDGE

Based on the Popular Edge 540 racer, this plane is highly acrobatic with the 1600kv motor on 3s. It's an exciting flyer, but not a beginner's plane.  Only available in MPF size, it requires roll forming to achieve the turtle back and carving and sanding to form the nose.

Specifications:  Span:  35"        OAL: 30"        AUW:  13.8oz

Recommended gear:  1600KV 39gm motor (prototype: EMax2812), 7x6 prop, 3ea.  9gm servos, 3s 1300mah battery

Additional materials: 1/4x1/4 wood LE wing spar & fuselage turtleback; lite ply motor mount & gear mounting reinforcement; Popsicle sticks for servo mounts & tail skid. Landing gear is glass/resin layup, canopy is pop bottle.

Build log:   The build log contains the pdf files of the cut sheet, pictures of the prototype build, hints and tips on the build and postings by others who have built the plane.  Feel free to ask questions on the thread!

OSEdge 540
OSEdge 540

Full MPF sheet - OSE: $25 plus shipping




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