One Sheet Floater

This is a nice trainer type plane that's designed to fly very slowly. Simple box fuselage and undercambered wing can be built by a novice builder.

Specifications:  Span: 37"         Overall Length: 24.5"         All Up Weight: 5.2oz (less battery)

Recommended gear: 20 or 24gm motor, 6x4 prop (with 20 gm), 2 - 5gm servos, 2s 900mah battery

Additional Materials: 3/16” dowel(LE spar); lite ply (motor mount, gear reinf.); credit card stock(control horns ); .032” music wire (control rods); 1/16” wire (landing gear); Skewers (wing mounts)

Build log: 

The build log contains the pdf files of the cut sheet, pictures of the prototype build, hints and tips on the build and postings by others who have built the plane.  Feel free to ask questions on the thread!

Full Readiboard sheet - OSF: $15 plus shipping




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