One Sheet Glider

The first OneSheeter, This plane is a versatile motor glider.  It's been built and flown by many folk as both a motor glider for thermal soaring and as a RET trainer that eventually gets used for soaring. Simple box fuse construction and KFM2 wing makes for quick and precise builds.

Specifications: Span: 60"         Overall Length: 28.5"         All Up Weight: 7oz (without battery)

Recommended Gear: 2000kv 20 gram or 1700kv 24gram motor, 6x4 or 7x6 props, 2 - 5 or 9gm servos, 2s 900mah battery

Additional materials: light ply for motor mount, 3/16" dowel for LE spar, skewers for wing mouts, control horns, music wire control rods, popsicle sticks for wing mount reinforcement.

Link to RCGroups build log:  The build log has the PDF files of Parts, hints and tips from me and the dozens of others who have built this plane, as well as info on the several different wings that can be built for the plane using the parts in the kit.

One Sheet Glider with three ways to build the wing: KFM2, conventional and Undercambered wings

Full Readiboard sheet - OSG: $15 plus shipping 

OSG - Glider

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