OSK - Kestrel

One Sheet Kestrel sport flyer

Designed as a tribute to Carl Goldberg's Falcon series and a request for a foamie version, the Kestrel (a small falcon) is a versatile outdoor flyer. The KFM4 wing is a simple build, and provides neutral handling both upright and inverted. The large control surfaces enable acrobatic maneuvers. The fuse is a simple box section. It is the first tricycle gear OneSheeter, and ground handles great even with fixed nose gear!

SPECIFICATIONS: Wingspan: 39" Length: 29" Weight: 16oz (less battery)

RECOMMENDED GEAR: 39gm 1600kv motor (prototype Emax2812, 25 amp ESC, 7x6 prop, 4ea 9gm servos, 3s 1300mah battery.

ADDITIONAL MATERIALS: 1/4" dowel for LE spar, light ply for motor mount. popsicle stick or tongue depressor for wing reinforcements, music wire (.032) for control rods, control arms, music wire and wheels for landing gear.

BUILD LOG: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2255044 The build log contains PDF files of templates & part identification; pictures of the prototype build; hints, tips and postings of others who have built the plane. Feel free to ask questions on the thread!


One sheet Kestrel $25 plus shipping

Video of OSKestrel flying outdoors