One Sheet Mulligan

Based on the Benny Howard DGA6 Mister Mulligan, this plane is a high performance indoor or outdoor flyer.  The Rolled cowl and aft fuselage and the wire landing gear assembly add a good challenge for an intermediate level builder.

Specifications: Span:  29.5"         Overall Length:  24"         All Up Weight: 9.3oz (less battery)

Recommended Gear: 1700kv 24gm motor, 7x6 prop, 3 9gm servos, 2s 900mah battery

Additional materials: Light ply for motor mount and landing gear reinforcements, music wire for control rods (.032) and landing gear (1/16), popsicle stick or tongue depressor for tail "wheel" & reinforcements, 3/16" dowel for LE spar, control horns.

Build Log:  

The build log thread on RCGroups contains the pdf files for cut sheets, pictures of the prototype build, hints and tips on the build and postings by others who have built the plane.  Feel free to ask questions on the thread!

One Sheet Mulligan

OneSheetMulligan 1+ readiboard sheets  

$20 Plus shipping

Video of the Mr Mulligan OSM flying off snow


OSM - Mr. Mulligan

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