One Sheet P40

Based on the WWll Curtiss P40 Warhawk, this plane flys well both indoors and outdoors and is nicely acrobatic in an Aileron/Elevator/Throttle configuration.  It uses a half sheet of Readiboard.

Specifications:  Span:  19.5"         Overall Length: 16.5"         All Up Weight: 2.7oz (less battery)

Recommended Gear: 2000kv 10gm motor, 5.3 or 5x4.3prop, 2 - 2.5 gm servos, 2s 180mah battery

Additional Materials:  BBQ skewers or 1/8" dowel for LE spar, light ply motor mount, music wire control rods (.032), control horns, popsicle stick for wing mount latch, notepad cardboard pieces for wing mount reinforcement.

Build Log: 

The build log contains the pdf files of the cut sheet, pictures of the prototype build, hints and tips on the build and postings by others who have built the plane.  Feel free to ask questions on the thread!

One Sheet P40 in Aussie livery

Half Readiboard sheet - OSP:  $10 plus shipping

Full Readiboard sheet - OSP: $15 plus shipping

Video of OSP-hs flying outdoors


Video of OSP-RB flying off snow


OSP - P40 Warhawk

OSP product information