One Sheet Racer

Based on the between the wars air racers, this plane is now available in two sizes:  A  half Readiboard sheet size for use with micro gear and a full MPF sheet size for standard parkflyer gear.  The OSR-hs flys well both indoors and outdoors and is mildly acrobatic as a Rudder/Elevator/Throttle configuration.  

The OSR-mpf  in Aileron/Elevator/Rudder/Throttle configuration is a well balanced flyer outdoors and in larger indoor venues. The additional space on the MPF sheet allowed adding streamlined landing gear with wheel spats. This size also includes lite ply parts for motor mount and landing gear mounting.


Specifications:  Span:  22"         Overall Length: 18.4"         All Up Weight: 2.54 oz (less battery)  

Recommended Gear: 2000kv 10gm motor, 5.3 or 5x4.3prop, 2 - 2.5 gm servos, 2s 180 to 360mah battery

Additional Materials:  BBQ skewer (split) LE spar and fuse top reinforcements, light ply motor mount, canopy (shrink from bottle - or make from foam), music wire (.032) control rods, control horns.


Specifications: Span: 35"    All up weight:  15oz less battery

Recommended Gear: 40 gram 1600kv motor, 7x6 prop, 3 ea 9 gram servos, 1300mah 3s lipo

Additional materials: Music wire - .032 for control wires, .094 for landing gear. The lite ply motor mount and gear reinforcements are included as well as a canopy.

Build Log:

The build log contains the pdf files of templates and information for both size planes, pictures of the prototype builds, hints and tips on the build and postings by others who have built the planes.  Feel free to ask questions on the thread!   Note that the MPF templates and files are on the first page of the thread, but build pictures start on Page 7.

One Sheet Racer

OSR-hs Half Readiboard sheet Racer:  $10 plus shipping 

OSR-mpf full sheet MPF size Racer: $25 Plus shipping


OSR - Racer

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