One Sheet Twin

Based on the Beech model 18, the "Twin Beech", this plane is a high performance indoor or outdoor flyer.  The Rolled cowls and the wire landing gear assembly add a good challenge for an intermediate level builder. The prototype was originally built with "gear up" i.e. no landing gear, but it's great fun doing ROG and touch and goes with the gear added. This plane is set up as Aileron/Elevator/Throttle.  As a twin without functional rudders, it will work best with a computer radio where each motor and it's dedicated ESC can be mixed for differential steering which performs the rudder function and allows trimming their thrust for straight flight.

Specifications:  Span:  30.5"         Overall Length:  21"         All Up Weight: 10oz (less battery)

Recommended Gear: 2 - 20gm 2000kv motors, 2 - 8-10 amp ESC's, 6x3 prop, 2 - 9gm servos, 2s 900mah battery.  Note: the prototype flys best with a pair of 7x5 props cut down to 6x5.

Additional Materials:  1/8" dowel for LE spars, light ply for motor mounts. popsicle stick or tongue depressor for wing reinforcements, music wire (.032) for control rods, control arms, music wire and wheels for optional landing gear. 

Build Log:  The build log on RCGroups contains the pdf files of parts templates, pictures of the prototype build, and hints & tips on building and flying the plane.

One Sheet Twin

Full Readiboard sheet - OST: $15 plus shipping 

early video of OSTwin flying "gear up"


OST - Twin Beech 18

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